How Much Cleaning Fluid Should I use when Cleaning an Air Filter?

The amount of fluid you need will depend on the brand and model of air filter you have. Each brand makes a cleaning kit for their air filters, sometimes they make a cleaning kit for each type of filter. You can find the cleaning kit required by your filter one of two ways. First, you can find it by checking the product page for your air filter. The cleaning kit should be linked on that page if it’s available. You can also find cleaning kits by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and clicking on "Air Filter Cleaning Kits." Or, you can just click on this link to the air filter cleaning kits.

Each kit will instruct you on how much cleaning fluid to apply, how long it should sit (or not), how to wash the air filter, and, if necessary, how much oil to apply to your air filter after it’s clean and how to apply the oil. Read all instruction on the kit before using it. By following the instructions, you should quickly and easily have your performance air filter clean and as good as new. If you need further instruction, you can check the individual brand websites for instructional videos.