What are Air Filters Made out of?

There are three main filter media for automotive air filters: paper, cotton gauze, and synthetic. Paper air filters are made out of a special type of paper meant to physically block debris. Cotton gauze air filters are made from layers of cotton gauze sandwiched between a metal mesh. These filters are oiled to draw in dust and debris. Synthetic air filters are made from a type of synthetic material and a durable mesh. Further, synthetic air filters are available in either dry synthetic or oiled synthetic. In addition to the different media, there are also reusable and disposable air filters. Some air filters are made only to provide basic protection for an engine. Other filters are considered "performance" air filters and they go above and beyond to help your vehicle’s engine perform better than a stock air filter. If you want to learn more about the different types of air filters and how they work in detail, click to read about the different kinds of air filters.