What is an air filter?

Your vehicle’s engine runs by burning fuel to create the energy it uses to drive. Of course, for a fire to burn, it needs air. So, your engine is constantly pulling in fresh air to burn. The inside of your vehicle’s engine bay isn’t very clean. There’s oil, debris, and dust. It’s just a hazard of the road. But, think about the air your vehicle’s engine is pulling in. Even though you may not be able to see it, that air is just as dirty as the engine bay. An air filter protects your engine by capturing the dirt and debris coming in with the air your engine needs. So, in a very real way, an air filter acts as a barrier between your engine and the outside world. Without an air filter, all the nasty things you see accumulating in the engine bay can enter your vehicle’s engine and cause all sorts of problems. A quality air filter ensures your vehicle gets lots of good, clean air. With the right air filter, you can achieve maximum airflow, optimal filtration, and great engine protection. That’s why this site exists: to help you find the best air filter to suit your vehicle’s needs.