Who Makes the Best Automotive Air Filters?

We sell four brands of air filter here at Airfilter.com. We sell these brands because we believe in them. These brands can provide you with the best options to fulfill your needs. With these four brands, we can offer you a wide array of filters to select from. All of them are designed with you in mind, to give you the best air flow, increased engine efficiency, and excellent filtration levels. The filter you select will ultimately depend on your specific needs, but any filter you purchase through us will be one of the finest on the market.

If you need help deciding which filter to buy, head over here to read up on what types of air filters are available.

K&N Filters

If you want a brand with history and experience, K&N is the one for you. The company rose from humble beginnings as the idea of two avid motorcycle racers. Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (hence, K&N!) got tired of using the paper air filters that clogged with dirt easily and were impossible to wash. They invented a filter that not only addressed these issues, but also gave them a competitive edge. Now, with their headquarters in Riverside, California, K&N is the world leader in washable performance air filters and air intake systems.

K&N has come a long way. Now they use the latest innovative technology and software in the hands of an expert team of engineers and product designers to perfect each and every air filter and intake system they make. Most of the tooling and even a lot of the machinery used to manufacture K&N products has been designed by K&N. This cutting-edge machinery and equipment is used in three on-site machine shops to ensure their products are built to last. Their products are backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the technical side of the products. So, when you buy k&N, you’re getting the very best.

AEM Induction Systems

Few automotive aftermarket companies rise to the level of design and engineering quality that AEM puts into their products. AEM® began manufacturing performance parts for many Original Equipment Manufacturers in 2003. Since then, their experience with OEMs gave AEM an edge that others just don’t have. The incredibly challenging validation process OEMs employ allowed AEM to integrate that process into their manufacturing process, increasing standards to the highest degree when it comes to the exacting quality, design, and performance requirements of all AEM® performance products.

With the complex under-hood engine packaging in modern vehicles, every application must be considered a unique system. AEM produces intake systems utilizing CAD design and validates results with dyno tests, on-road evaluation, and race-tracks trials. AEM firmly believes when performance matters, you just can’t learn some things until you do them for real.


A leading manufacturer of cold air intake systems, premium performance air filters, and Power Aid® throttle body spacers for domestic and import cars, trucks, and SUV’s, AIRAID® was founded in 1997, and has a solid history of quality.

Both industrial design and mechanical engineers serve on AIRAID’s in-house team. Advanced 3-D CAD modeling equipment is employed in the design and manufacture of products that are intended to give your vehicle more power right out of the box. An all-wheel drive Mustang chassis dynamometer is used to test AIRAID’s intakes, which produces real-world performance numbers.

Superior quality materials and very specialized manufacturing equipment is used to produce AIRAID® premium filters on-site, which ensures the highest level of quality control. That’s one of many reasons AIRAID® filters are backed by a "no hassle" lifetime warranty. AIRAID® proudly manufactures all of its product lines in the USA.

Spectre Performance

In 1983, Amir Rosenbaum was a young kid desperately trying to buy parts to rebuild an awesome 1967 Camaro convertible. He sold NylaBraid, a type of hose cover, from his parent’s garage to do just that. He found success, but it came at a cost: he sold the convertible to fund the operations of his blossoming company.

The sacrifice was worth it. More than thirty years later, Spectre Performance is a multi-million-dollar company, specializing in performance filters and cold air intakes. With a love of early muscle cars and speed, the company has a deep history steeped in racing. Spectre’s research has lead them to apply the biomechanics of breathing to cars: more air means more power. It’s as simple as that.

We hope Amir has his Camaro now, too.