Will a Dirty Air Filter Affect my Vehicle?

As your air filter pulls dirt and debris out of the air going into your vehicle’s engine, it will eventually clog up with everything it has collected. The more clogged an air filter is, the less air it’s able to allow into the engine. That means your airflow will drastically decrease. This decrease in airflow translates into a decrease in engine power. Why? Your vehicle’s engine runs on combustion, and that means it needs air to burn fuel efficiently. Less air means the engine is working much harder than it should. This usually leads to a decrease in acceleration and torque, and the engine will feel less powerful overall. If you think you can deal with less power, you should consider the long-term effects a clogged air filter can have on your engine.

When your engine starts to work so hard, it can overheat; the engine can choke. You might feel a "stutter" in the engine when you try to accelerate. All of this is causing wear and tear on the engine that isn’t necessary. Simple maintenance can eliminate the chance of these problems occurring because of a clogged air filter. Always clean or replace your air filter when it’s time. Don’t wait. Skipping out on this easy process can lead to big problems. Air filter maintenance is so simple, you can do it yourself at home with no training! Check out our air filter cleaning kit page if you already have one of our air filters, or you can use our search to find an air filter for your vehicle right now.