Will Installing a Performance Air Filter Improve my Fuel Economy?

We hesitate to answer this question for many reasons. There are simply so many factors that impact fuel economy that it’s almost impossible to give a definitive answer as to whether a performance air filter will improve gas mileage or not. The largest factor is probably each driver’s individual habits. Certain driving habits can increase fuel consumption drastically, such as aggressive driving. Another big factor is driving conditions: traffic, weather, road condition.

Theoretically, fuel economy can improve when fuel burns more efficiently, but there are many factors that can negate any increase in fuel efficiency a vehicle might experience. That’s why we don’t make any claims about fuel economy regarding our performance air filters. Instead, we focus on the increase in engine performance. All of our performance air filters are designed to increase the horsepower of your vehicle’s engine. Our advice would be not to pay attention to any fuel economy claims made when you purchase a performance air filter. Those claims may not be honest. Remember, you might be able to increase your fuel economy by adapting a new driving style, but performance gains are assured with any air filter we offer.